Home Theater

Sure, we’ve all gone out to the movies to catch the latest blockbuster, but what if you could have the same or better experience by simply heading into your own dedicated home theater space? With a custom home theater designed by Serenity Sound & Cinema, you can do just that. No more annoying cell phones ringers or having to deal with random strangers talking throughout into the movie. Worried about missing a scene during a snack run? Simply hit pause on your universal remote control and watch the movie stop and the lights come up until you’ve returned.

Serenity Sound & Cinema offers home theater packages to fit any budget and room size. The sky’s the limit when it comes to front projection systems, but if a 4K television is more your style, we offer flat screens in sizes up to 100 inches. When it comes to home theaters, Serenity is your one stop shop for everything from projectors, televisions and surround sound, to acoustical treatments and theater seating. Give us a call, and you could be enjoying your new home theater space in as little as a few weeks.