Television Installation

Serenity Sound & Cinema offers direct product sales on a vast array of televisions from top manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Sharp, and JVC. If you’re looking to place your new television on a piece of furniture or mount it to the wall, we provide both furniture and mounting solutions to allow for maximum viewing pleasure. There are many mounts available. Please have a look below at the most common options and contact us to find out how we can provide the perfect mount for you room.

Flat mounts

Fixed mounts are the simplest way to mount your TV on the wall when you have a dedicated viewing area and your eyes are level with the middle or bottom of your TV when seated. These mounts are also great for situations where you want to minimize the distance between the television and the wall.

Tilt mounts

Tilt mounts are most suitable when you need to mount your TV higher on the wall. The tilt functionality allows you to tilt your TV down to avoid screen glare or achieve a better viewing angle.

Articulating mounts

Also called full motion mounts, these extremely flexible mounts allow you to pull your TV away from the wall and tilt, pan or swivel so it’s viewable from multiple angles, locations or rooms. While more expensive than flat or tilt mounts, articulating mounts offer the most flexibility in providing you with the perfect viewing experience.