Universal Remote Controls

You’ve purchased your new 4K television, a state of the art surround sound receiver, the latest blu-ray player, and speakers that will knock your socks off. Now it’s time to sit down and watch your favorite movie, but what with all the remotes that came with the equipment, you can’t even figure out how to turn the system on. We’ve all been there.


Serenity Sound & Cinema offers a range of fully customizable remote controls from RTI and Pro Control to help simplify the process. What if one click of a button could turn on your television and cable box, set the receiver to the correct input, and even change the cable box to your favorite channel? If you can imagine it, chances are we can make it happen. All of our remotes are activity based, so it’s as simple as selecting between “Watch TV”, “Watch movie”, or “Listen to Music”. Why settle for an inferior remote control? Considering that you’ll touch the remote more than any other component in your system, investing in a universal remote control is a smart move. Contact us to find out more and to take advantage of our remote and programming package deal.


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