Home Audio

If you’re building or remodeling your home, now is a great time to pre-wire for audio throughout the home. For just pennies on the dollar, you can add the infrastructure that will allow you to expand and update your system over time, no matter what technology comes out in the future. Our wired whole house audio systems will allow each family member to play the music they want to hear, all from a central hub that can distribute the sound to in-ceiling speakers in each room of your home. Are you planning a party and want to play the same music throughout the house? Party mode is a single click away on your phone or tablet.

For homes where pre-wiring isn’t a cost-effective option, we offer several solutions from top manufacturers such as Sonos and Denon. Simply place a speaker in each room where you want sound, and you’ll be streaming audio in a matter of minutes. All of our wireless solutions are expandable, so you can add to your system as the need arises.

For smaller audio solutions, we offer both indoor and outdoor products that can work from your existing wireless network or a Bluetooth connection. Contact Serenity Sound & Cinema today, and we’ll be happy to put together a solution that works for you.

Playing music throughout your home is now easier than ever thanks to innovative new technology. When listening to music, people are streaming music from their portable, mobile devices rather than listening to a CD or songs stored on a physical device. Serenity Sound & Cinema provides options for both hard-wired systems and wireless systems.

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